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The Aliments du Québec and Aliments préparés au Québec brands are granted to duly verified products meeting specific criterias. These certification marks are also governed by a comprehensive compliance and verification program..

1. Registration and accountability

  • The company registers with the organization and pays the annual membership fee.
  • The Verification and Compliance Department verifies that the company meets the eligibility criteria: main production, processing and packaging activities carried out in Quebec, valid Quebec Enterprise Number (NEQ).
  • The company signs the trademark license. This license is a legal contract that confirms the company’s commitment to respect the terms and conditions regarding registration and product verification. The company notably undertakes to ensure the truthfulness of the information transmitted and to comply with the rules governing the use of certification marks.
  • Once registered, the company submits its product(s) to the Verification and Compliance Department by entering the information on the products to be verified on the Aliments du Québec digital platform.
  • The company is required to submit a verification request for each product it wishes to have verified, and it must re-sign the trademark license for each request.
  • The Verification and Compliance Department analyzes the products entered. Each product is verified individually.
  • The Department follows a rigorous process established based on existing federal and provincial legislation. This process includes the corroboration of the information submitted regarding ingredients, their origin and their availability in Quebec using reliable expert sources (federations, associations, etc.). In addition, the Department makes sure that production, processing and packaging activities are carried out in Quebec.
  • In the case of organic products, the Department verifies with the CARTV that the product has been granted organic certification by an accredited organization.
  • Products bearing the organic designation must comply with current federal and provincial organic standards. A product that does not comply with these standards cannot be granted the Aliments du Québec or Aliments préparés au Québec certification marks.

2. Verification

3. Decision

  • The Verification and Compliance Department determines whether the product submitted corresponds to the definition of one of the Aliments du Québec certification marks (see the definitions).
  • The Department’s decision, whether positive or negative, is communicated by email. The company thus receives authorization to use the logo corresponding to the certification mark attributed to the product.
  • Once a year, the member is required to sign the trademark license, pay the membership fee and update any information that has changed.
  • The company must update verified products within a maximum period of three years in order to maintain authorization to use the certification mark granted.
  • The Verification and Compliance Department monitors the use of its certification marks and logos in order to ensure compliance with the rules regarding their use.

Non-compliance with rules:

  • Non-compliance with the rules associated with its certification marks or fraudulent use will result in corrective action within the appropriate timeframe.
  • Aliments du Québec reserves the right to withdraw membership and the right to use its certification marks if there is a risk to their credibility.

4. Follow-up

The brand monitoring and protection program

The brand monitoring and protection program describes the methods used by Aliments du Québec to:

  • ensure the compliance of companies and products at all times during their registration with the organization;
  • ensure that member companies respect the rules governing the use of Aliment du Québec’s certification marks;
  • detect any unlawful use of its certification marks by non-member companies;
  • implement effective corrective measures in situations of non-compliance.

Aliments du Québec uses several methods to improve brand protection, including database controls, in-company and point-of-sale inspections.

In the event of non-compliance, Aliments du Québec may apply corrective actions requiring the company to achieve compliance within a reasonable period based on the seriousness of the non-conformity. These actions can range from a notice of non-compliance to a formal notice, up to and including the implementation of injunctive measures.

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